The music we play arises in the same moment right on stage. It draws from the long-term musical experience and the outstanding creativity of the individual personalities. As the level of style and genre is concerned, it is very varied and it cannot be „put in a box“ in the good sense of the term. The band appears on stages all over the Czech Republic.

Pavel Hrubý
soprano sax, bass clarinet
Oskar Török
Taras Voloshchuk
double bass
Dušan Černák
drums, percussion

Technical conditions

  • 1 microphone for speaking
  • 1 microphone for the saxophone
  • 1 microphone for the bass clarinet
  • 1 microphone for the trumpet
  • line (XLR) for the bass
  • drum sounding (if necessary; it depends on the concrete place)
  • 4 monitors (4 listening ways are better. Two are enough as well.)



Formation of the band
Pavel Hrubý, Miloš Dvořáček, Taras Voloshchuk


Pavel Hrubý, Miloš Dvořáček, Taras Voloshchuk, František Kučera – acoustic version


electro-acoustic version
Michal Nejtek – keyboards, samples
Jiří Šimek – el. guitar, el. boxes
Tomáš Reindl – tabla, percussion
Martin Kapusník – double bass
Martin Kopřiva – drums

2010 – 2020

Pavel Hrubý, František Kučera, Taras Voloshchuk, Dušan Černák – acoustic version

2020 – 2022

Pavel Hrubý, Petr Kalfus, Taras Voloshchuk, Dušan Černák

2023 – present

Pavel Hrubý, Oskar Török, Taras Voloshchuk, Dušan Černák